King Cattle Master Manual Squeeze Chute w/ Side Exit and Head catch
One man operation !

All steel construction- Both sides squeeze equally – keeps animals upright & centered at all times

– Drop side kick panels

– Positive locks hold drop gate

– Head catch is constructed with 2- 1/2″ x 2-1/2″

– Split tailgate (scissor type square tubing with HD sheeted steel wing covers

-Side and Front exits

– All Cattle King Chutes are portable with trailer option

– Extra long, even for the largest cattle

– Extra wide for easy entry & exit

– Five double drop gates on each side of chute

This Chute is AS NEW and in Store front condition

 Delivery available at charge in Oregon

This is your chance to buy a new Squeeze and used price don’t miss out at only $3,500

Romey Bromwich
Dennis Turmon

Central Oregon Auctions