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Erskine Attachments Hydraulic Power Unit HP24

This Unit is brand new and in the crate!!

This industrial built and designed 3-point auxillary hydraulic unit allows you to operate attachments on tractors that don’t generate enough hydraulic horsepower on their own. This self-contained unit produces enough gallons per minute allowing you to operate these hydraulically-driven attachments, thus expanding the versatility and value of your tractor loader. The hydraulic pump offers superior performance over any of our competitors because it generates higher gallons per minute and line pressure. This allows for a wider range of attachments to be used.

Provides hydraulic power to operate front loader attachments

3,000 PSI pressure relief valve

Hitch Category – Cat. I & Cat. II

25 gallon oil capacity

PTO Range: 54-75 HP
GPM/psi: 24 @ 3,000
PTO Input: 540 RPM at pump
Hitch Category: Cat. I & II
Planetary Gear Box: Industrial
Gear Pump: High pressure
Reservoir Capacity: 25 gallons
In-line Return Filter: 10 micron
Tank Construction: 11 gauge steel

This Unit sells new for $7500 and can be yours for $6000 OBO with delivery in Central Oregon.

Romey Bromwich
Dennis Turmon